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Why Book Blurbs Matter

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What is a book blurb? It's a recommendation from a fellow author. You've seen these sometimes featured prominently on a book's front cover.

Book blurbs are the currency of the publishing industry. An author might give a blurb to another author who is a personal friend, who shares a literary agent or publisher, or to someone who is owed a favor. But that doesn't make blurbs any less potent.

When you ask Elizabeth Gilbert to blurb your book, it's because your book is similar in genre or tone to her work, and would appeal to her fans. When Margaret Atwood blurbed The Power, it was a strong indicator the book was a feminist dystopian thriller that would keep you on the edge of your seat.

Booksellers, librarians, and readers alike can see a blurb and instantly categorize a book and whether it's just what they're looking for on that particular day.

But until now, blurbs haven't been accessible by search.

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More Intelligent Book Recommendations

ReadThisNext is the first searchable index of author blurbs. Instead of listing books by who wrote them, we list books by who blurbed them. If an author has blurbed a lot of books, like Gary Shteyngart, it's because they have a highly engaged fanbase or they are generous in promoting fellow authors' careers, or both.

What are you waiting for - go search for your favorite author and see what they've blurbed — you might just find what you should read next!

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